Welcome to my Webfolio site.

On this site you will have access to a few of the things I have done in regards to Web technologies and other area's of creativity.

External Cascading Style Sheets are utilized for the site layout, colors and centering of the page.
The menu bar as well as the contact page are generated using AJAX (Asyncronouse JavaScript and XML).
With the exception of the fav.ico, all images on the site were generated and or modified using Photoshop CS4
The PHP page demonstrates dynamic content generation utilizing a PHP template engine as well as FlatFile and XML databases. YOu will also find a PHP version of the W3Schools.org tryit script which I created for this site.

If you are an employer and would like to view my current resume' You may download a .pdf file from a link on the contact page.

In closing, thank you for coming to view my Webfolio site. Look around and see what you can see.

Scott A Tovey